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Recurrent Infections

Sometimes recurrent sinus and/or lung infections indicate a deficiency in the immune system’s ability to fight off an infection. Our immune system is a complex mechanism that is constantly monitoring and protecting our bodies against viral, bacterial and other infections. Often these microscopic invaders are intercepted and eliminated before we even feel sick. When the immune system malfunctions however, it can overreact, as is the case with allergic and autoimmune disorders, or fail to respond as expected. Certain defects can be identified through blood testing, and a few of those can be treated with a therapy known as immunoglobulin replacement.


Persons with particular immunodeficiencies can also suffer from allergy symptoms, so their immune systems are both underactive and overactive at the same time. Typically optimum control of allergy and asthma symptoms is desirable in a person with an immunodeficiency since inflamed nasal and pulmonary airways are more prone to developing infection than they would be otherwise.


At this office we can address both aspects of your care in order to minimize your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

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